Sometimes It’s Nice

Sometimes it’s nice just to be outside. Climb rocks… Then jump from them… Laugh… Play with your camera… Discover caves… Climb trees… Then shove your face with a huge salad. Okay. Maybe more than sometimes 🙂 Advertisements

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A Great Harvest

Yesterday was a BIG day! I got to take my first trip to Great Harvest!! I was out of my mind excited!! You walk in to the smell of freshly made breads and baked goods – it’s absolutely amazing.  I could definitely get on board with working in a place scented like this! 🙂 I […]

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One Thing Only

Happy Saturday people! I’ve got another decked out post for you 🙂 This morning I woke up wanting one thing and one thing only: PANCAKES! I took the easy way out and used a Bisquick mix (The “Heart Smart” one) – and I was actually quite impressed with how they turned out! I layered mine […]

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