Double Decker

I love morning workouts, but they always manage to make me quite late!

I woke up and immediately changed and headed down to the gym for some ellipticalling + back strengthening exercises.

Working out in the morning definitely helps my back injury throughout the day so it’s totally worth it – but it’s definitely difficult to shower – dress – do hair/makeup – eat & blog all before heading out the door!

Guess I gotta get up a little earlier

I had an AMAZING yoga session last night. I’m definitely getting back into yoga which is wonderful. I’ve missed it in my life since getting injuries – but I’m happy to report I’ve found a good disc filled with 20-30 minute sessions that I’m (mostly) able to do without pain. I’m so happy!

Anyway, powering through this morning’s workout was more than worth it for this:


Double Decker Waffle Delight

I topped two 7 grain Kashi waffles with:

  • 6 oz. vanilla Dannon Greek Yogurt (<– first time trying this, not my favorite)
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds (<– mixed into the yogurt first)
  • 1 fresh white peach
  • 1 blob of sunflower seed nut butter (had to bring it into this meal SOMEHOW!)


IMG_1029.JPG    IMG_1030.JPG


Such an amazing flavor (and texture!) combo.

Coffee to accompany…



A perfect meal to refuel with after a nice morning workout!



Off to work!

Happy last day of June everyone!



  1. Your breakfast looks so good I am regretting my Wawa breakfast (and that is NOT an easy feat!). I admire your ability to work out first thing, I’m a total disaster in the mornings.

  2. Now you’ve bitten the waffle bug! ahah I hope I catch it 🙂

  3. Oh wow, these are right up my alley! Thanks for the morning inspiration/eye candy 🙂

    Now, I just have to get ahold of some sunbutter…

  4. Your breakfast looks delicious! I love the layers!

  5. Wow, that double decker waffle looks amazing! Can you bring one to my work right now for breakfast?! Haha 😉

  6. That looks like a perfect post-workout breakfast. Yum! I quit eating waffles in middle school, but I’m not sure why. I used to love those things. Maybe I’ll have to swap my old fav (Nutrigrain Eggo) for Kashi!

  7. Your breakfast looks so good! Double deckers = more food = happy me.

  8. whoa that bfast combo looks amazing. i’m totally trying it 🙂

  9. I need some yoga back in my life too. I used to go once a week and it was wonderful but then our instructor went and had a baby (how dare she!) and I don’t so much like the new one 🙂
    Thinking it might be time to invest in one of those studios in addition to my gym membership…

    • It’s crazy how much the instructor can make or break a class. I’ve taken to just getting DVDs and doing it in my living room – the cheapest option there is 😉

  10. i luv morning workouts too! i always feel energized the rest of the day! okay, and is it just me or does the frontal view of that delish double waffle sandwich look like a happy crocodile?? cute food= awesome food= get in my belly food. have a great rest of ur day and WAY TO GO with getting ur yoga stretch on. 😉

  11. This looks so delicious! I haven’t had waffles in ages. I also love morning workouts but am ALWAYS late to work when I do them and rushing. They feel great though.

  12. That looks fantastic!!! A list AND Felicity lover…you are quickly becoming my favoirte person!! haha! 🙂 I wish I lived near you and we could Felicity marathons! Sigh…

  13. I agree I cant imagine life without yoga and weeks when I dont do it often enough I definitely notice! Waffle looks delish 🙂

  14. I think I teared up looking at that deliciousness!
    I always take way longer to do everything when I work out in the mornings but you’re right I always feel better throughout the day if I do it first!

  15. I’m with you!!! I can’t seem to get up early enough either to get everything done!! The double decker waffle looks amazing and I can imagine tastes amazing!!

  16. That’s fantastic that you had a great yoga workout yesterday!!! I’m so with you, working out in the morning is great… but you do have to get up earlier to get everything in. Yay for double decker breakfasts.

  17. i think i need to get some sunflower seed butter already. OR finally get a food processor so I can make my own!

    this looks so good and filling.

  18. I’m all about morning workouts…perfect way to start my day! Your breakfast looks amazing!

    Katie : )

  19. omgness I love these kinds of combos! I eat my waffles pretty much like that too 😀

  20. This looks awesome! Love the idea – the PB on top makes it look especially yummy!

  21. i have all the ingredients to make this!

  22. Mmm, best double decker I’ve ever seen. Way better looking than a couple of meat patties sandwiched onto one bun.

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